Discover the History of Our Local Farms

Check out our on-site farm museum when you visit

Have you ever wondered about the agricultural history of our area? We've put together a fun display of how our family farm and many other farms came to be in our on-site farm museum.

Take a glimpse into the area of the past. View agricultural information about the local farming community. Our museum covers everything from produce to diary. We also have displays of the tools and devices used from the past.

Growth through hardships

Through the years, we've been struck with hardships, tragedy and success. In 2014 and 2015, major flooding took over Upstate New York, ruining our fields and causing major financial problems. Shortly after, we lost over 40% of our land in a bad land deal.

However, we survived and overcame the odds by adding new, interactive attractions to our growing business. Now, we offer conventionally grown crops with a greatly reduced use of traditional chemicals. Each of our fields operate on a 5-year crop rotation, allowing for better, healthier growth and production. Our farming techniques are designed and engineered around the idea of farming smart.

Community involvement

Over the last 20 years, we have given away over half a million pounds of produce to poverty-stricken communities in our area and along the East Coast. Even with adverse weather and economic hardships, we are committed to helping our community by giving back as much as we can each year.

Visit our local family farm today to learn more about our history and how you can support local farmers.